Gourmet Cooking for Pleasure

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Gourmet cooking is style of cooking that doesn’t appeal to everyone, for it only appeals to the ‘foodie’ in you. This style of cooking are for those who truly love food and making something spectacular in taste, quality, and appearance. The kind of food you’d hopefully expect to find in a four or five star restaurant. The type of food that has a perfect combination of flavors that make everyone around you sigh with the beauty of what you’ve created. To excel in gourmet cooking, you must already know quite a few basic skills and must have the love of cooking deep within you.

This style of food preparation deals with the only the finest and freshest ingredients. Most gourmet cooks are so dedicated that they visit fresh food markets every day very early in the morning to find what they need. They have an experienced eye in choosing what they would need for meals made up on the spot. When it comes to gourmet cooking, food quality and freshness are the only two rules that must remain sacred. Everything else is purely up to the gourmet chef. But since some ingredients can be hard to find in the quality or freshness that is needed to achieve gourmet cooking’s high standards, some compromises must be made. These compromises are made up for in order ways such as presentation.

After acquiring all your fresh and high quality ingredients there is nothing left in this style of cooking except for adventure that relies on taste and the pleasure of cooking alone. To allow yourself to take risks like “what would happen if I add this?” Or “I wonder if these two herbs will create the combination of flavors that I want?” It’s not about following recipes as much as it’s all about creating your own.

Most of the time gourmet cooking is done for a purpose. For example having friends over, cooking for a special occasion, and some are entrepreneurial and cook for a small business. When cooking with such elegance and extravagance it’s important to cook according to your audience. To cater their favorite aromas and combinations. This type of cooking relies on experience and a lot of know-how. Most cooks who are dedicated to this style of cooking end up taking classes to better their culinary skills or end up researching through multiple cook books of various styles and cuisines to try and broaden their horizon.

There’s nothing that excites and encourages a gourmet chef like watching someone take a mouthful of their perfect meal and to watch their face lighten up with the flavors and enjoyment. So if you have a friend who is a gourmet chef, make sure to express to them your appreciation because odds are they put more into your meal than you’ll ever know.

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