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You know it’s summer time when you hear the word barbeque. Well here are some tips to make sure that your day goes off without a hitch.

To begin a good barbeque, you need to prepare in advance. You need to marinate your protein at least two hours before you put it in on the grill. It is even preferable if you marinate it overnight. Make sure that you infuse all those rick flavors into your protein to make sure that it’ll be delicious after it picks up that perfect smoky flavor from the coals. Another thing you need to do before you get the grill itself going is to pick the right cut of beef. Pick something not too lean but don’t leave obvious pieces of fat dangling from your protein. Make sure to tenderize the beef before you start marinating. Tenderizing ensures that your meat won’t be chewy.  If you’re grilling chicken then try deboning the chicken or dividing them into 4 quarters. Put shallow slits into your chicken to make sure to infuse the marinade all the way through and that it cooks properly on the grill.

Another good tip before you start to grill would be to wipe your rack before you begin grilling with some vegetable oil and a paper towel to prevent sticking. This reduces that burned skin smell that comes out from the grill and it also makes clean up so much easier. Make sure that you properly clean your grill each and every time you use it to minimize microbial growth and rusting.

Hygiene during a barbeque is also very important. Make sure you have everything you need before you start grilling. Make sure you have something to flip with, a clean kitchen towel, and another dish to put your cooked food in. Never put the meat back into the dish you were marinating in.

Now remember, barbeque isn’t just for proteins! Grill those buns and vegetables while you’re at it. Sprinkle your cut up vegetables with some seasoning and oil and place it on the grill. It’ll give you such a wonderful side dish to eat next to your protein. Feel free to grill that corn or even sweet potatoes for a light and sweet dessert.

While getting your grill started, make sure that you’re fire isn’t too high. You want to cook the meat from both in the inside and outside. If your fire is too high then your meat won’t cook properly on the inside which could ruin your barbeque experience. Create heat zones with your coal. Set the hottest coal in the middle to sear you your food. After your food is seared, then move it to the outer edges for it to cook to perfection. Don’t keep flipping your protein. Give it time on each side to cook all the way through. Another good tip is to place your sauces directly onto the meat while you’re barbequing it especially at the end. That way you seal in the sauce flavor while you grill.

Now don’t spend all your time focused on the grilling. Make sure you make side dishes such as salads. Anything from a fresh garden salad to a pasta salad will create the perfect balance for your meal.

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